Living Nativity 2017

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Promo Graphic

New Stable Layout


  • New Burlap: $60
  • New Tarp Roof: $25
  • Rough Cut Lumber (provided by Jim Sell)
    • 4x 15' 2"x6"
    • 10x 8' 2"x6" 
    • 16x 4' 2"x6"
  • 8-10 Square Bales

Not shown:  Other shades/colors or burlap intertwoven

Possible New Stable Location

Red X:  Traditional Location

Blue x:  Proposed New Location

New location would face the main building.  Observers could stand in the yard and the basement could be used for cocoa etc.  Upstairs in the house would then become the dressing rooms.



  • Stable only visible from one driving direction
  • Slightly farther from fellowship hall
  • Still visible from road
  • Grass for animals (less walking breaks)
  • Close power source
  • Sign is not in the way
  • Use of house
  • Possibility of "drive-in" spots