Harrison Christian Church has always believed that fulfilling the command of Jesus to "go and make disciples of all nations," goes hand-in-hand with Jesus' teaching to serve those most in need among us; therefore, Harrison Christian Church has sought to be actively involved in supporting and participating in service opportunities, local mission, and short-term missions.  

However, we are also keenly aware that we cannot reach the world for Jesus Christ alone, and so HCC gives 15% of its giving to organizations, individuals, and schools who are actively involved in long-term missions or in preparing men and women to embark on a life of missions.  Below are the organizations that we currently support.  Click on an organization below and read more about each particular ministry.

Mission Organizations Currently Supported by HCC

Click on the name of the organizations below or their picture above for further information or to be linked to that group's website, if available.

Appalachian Christian Camp

Christian Evangelical Fellowship, Inc./Valsa Thomas

Christian Student Fellowship

East Tennessee Christian Home & Academy

Higher Ministries, Inc.

Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Johnson City

Johnson University 

South Pacific Christian Fellowship (Auckland, New Zealand) / Jill Shaw

Kevin and Renee Payton - Outreach International


To submit an organization to receive support from Harrison Christian Church, please click on this link for a printable pdf that will further explain the information required for such consideration.  Decisions for support happen on an annual basis in the month of September, but requests are reviewed and processed throughout the year.  We look forward to partnering with you.

Committee Members


  • Jan Wilcox - Chair

  • Jane Birchfield

  • Delores Fox

  • Jordan Young

  • Joe Payne

  • Sandra Hammitt

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